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The Sisterlocks® Package

(9 inches maximum length, will consider longer with premium charge per inch over) The Sisterlocks® Package is a three part package (1. consultation, 2. locking session, & 3. first follow up retightening). There is a $30 consultation booking fee which goes towards the cost of your establishment. Retightening visit up to 6 weeks 3.5 hours is $120 and $30 each additional hour. Let's put away those old hair care products and invest in YOU. Call to set up a consultation.


Services Offered

// The Sisterlocks® 3 part Package (which includes consultation, Locking Session, Follow-up visit), Retightening, and Grooming.

//Interlocks or Microlocks Establishment 2 part Package (which includes establishment & Follow-up visit), Retightening and grooming.

***Are you looking for larger locks and something a little more budget friendly than Sisterlocks®? Then Interlocks or Microlocks may be for you!***

Have you thought about a low maintenance natural hair care system? Then you have come to the right place. I specialize in Sisterlocks® which is great for "Natural Hair, that's Naturally You."

History of Sisterlocks®

Sisterlocks® was developed over 20 years ago by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell to meet the needs of a growing number of women who are looking for a natural alternative for their hair that is versatile and easy to manage.

The Sisterlocks® Package includes

  1. The Consultation

Prior to your consultation your hair should have a length of 4" for test lock placement. Your hair should be washed and free of any product. Plan on at least 60 minutes for this in depth hair and scalp analysis. We will also have a Q&A about you, me and your hair to determine if Sisterlocks® is right for you. We will discuss pricing and payment options. You will also have "Test Locks" put in your hair. Your Lock session appointment will be scheduled. Your consultation fee goes towards your establishment cost.

  1. The Locking Session-

Bring your necessities for comfort as this, depending on your hair density, length, etc may take 30-48 hours. After the establishment you will receive a "Starter Kit" with your essentials for caring for your new locks as they settle-in.

  1. Follow-up

This appointment will be your first initial follow up and only retightening session included in your package within 3 weeks.

Sharon (Shay) Jones

Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant

Co-Owner of The "Naturally You" Hair Studio


I started my journey after taking the intense Sisterlocks® course to become a Sisterlocks® consultant March 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am now located in Northwest Indiana servicing that area and South Suburban Illinois. I have a passion for what I do and I strive to give client satisfaction. My mission is to start you on a healthy natural low maintenance hair journey, and give you a warm welcome to the Sisterlocks® family.

"Come home to Sisterlocks"

Sisterlocks are permanent therefore if you are looking for a temporary style this would not suit you. Sisterlocks are also custom to your hair texture, meaning your hair may not look the same as the next persons hair due to your hair texture. Upon your establishment you & I enter into a partnership to keep your Sisterlocks® strong and healthy. By being consistent with your appointments, following post appointment instructions, and using recommended Sisterlocks® products, this will help me to help you along in this journey to maintain your beautiful Sisterlocks®.

Sisterlocks® are beautiful and is a great haircare system for hair growth that is totally natural. With Sisterlocks® you will not have to wonder what to do with your hair everyday and with low maintenance you can say bye bye to bad hair days.

*Client Policy/// 2022

It is important to maintain regular maintenance.

Payments that are accepted //Cash, Zelle, Cash-app, & Apple pay only.

  1. Appointments- All services are by appointment and confirmation only. To confirm appointments and receive important notifications please ensure correct info on file. Early arrival please stay in your vehicle and call or text prior to entry. No guests, children, etc allowed at appointment. Mask wearing is mandatory. Call/text late arrival. 20 minutes late/no call-no show gives the business discretion to charge a $20 late fee, cancel appointment, forfeit non refundable booking fee, or require a fee to book a future appointment. The business reserves the right to discontinue client service for repeat cancellations or requests to reschedule. Nonrefundable booking fees are transferable 1 time per every 3 months only if reschedule is requested (48) hours in advance and is moved to a slot +/- (7) days of the original appointment upon availability. Clients are allotted (1) late-cancellation at no charge per calendar year to accommodate sickness/emergencies. If you come to an appointment exhibiting signs of illness you may be rescheduled. If you are unable to commit to appointments in advance, we recommend calling to be placed on our waiting list. Should your calendar date become available you will receive notification to have an opportunity to book your appointment.

  2. Sanitation & Safety- Sanitation is performed after every client to ensure health and safety guidelines. Client is required to shampoo hair No sooner than 48 hours prior to an appointment.

  3. Consultation- Consultations are mandatory for new/transfer clients and require a non-refundable booking fee to reserve. Any quote received at consultation will be good for 30 days after which another consultation and fee will be required.

  4. Booking Fees & Services rendered- Booking fees are non-refundable. Services rendered payments are non-refundable.

  5. Follow visit- Follow-up visit included in your package must be scheduled for a 3 week return to avoid being charged the regular Retightening rate.

  6. Photos- The business reserves the right to use client photos for advertisement and social media purposes only.

  7. Right to refuse service- The business reserves the right to refuse service at their discretion and will dismiss abusive, disrespectful, and disruptive clients.

  8. Scope of Practice Notice- The law prohibits salon professionals from diagnosing or treating clients with hair or scalp abnormalities of any kind. Should we determine that you are ineligible for service, we will refer you to visit your doctor. When your condition has been resolved as approved by your healthcare provider, you are welcome to return.

  9. Duty to Inform- The business takes every necessary precaution prior to and during your service. We respect your right to privacy of your medical history, however your disclosure of allergies, medication, or conditions that may require us to modify the service would be beneficial to you the client. The business will not be responsible for any reactions to services rendered in circumstances where a client has failed to inform us of any conditions.

  10. We enter into a partnership to help your locks thrive and regularly scheduled routine maintenance is a part of that. Overdue appointments work against the health of your locks and could add additional cost and repairs.

  11. Your re-tightening appointment is an excellent time to purchase Sisterlocks® products, or you may order them on the official website at SISTERLOCKS.COM or by calling the Order Message Line @ 800.456.5032.

  12. Please do not hesitate to call/text if you have questions and I will return your call a.s.a.p.

  13. Please call if you do not receive a confirmation text, email, or call 24-48 hours in advance to confirm your appointment.


Before & After retightening

Before & After retightening

Before & After Retightening

Day one after Establishment


Retightening on top half of photo


Lock Repair

Live, Love, & Lock







For frequently asked questions, to find or verify a consultant/trainee in your area, shop products, or to see Sisterlocks® styles visit Sisterlocks.com

Referrals//// I appreciate your referrals (Thank you). If you refer a client who gets the full 3-package visit, you will receive 20% off of your next scheduled retightening.

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