What's the Difference?

SERVICES of Establishments offered are Sisterlocks® //// Microlocks //// Interlocks ////

Sisterlocks®, Microlocks, and Interlocks are very similar when the interlocking method is used to lock the hair. These natural hair systems are all beautiful and unique in their own way. Let's get into their likeness and differences (Locs by Shay Interlocks and Microlocks are established using the interlocking method only).

********* Likeness ****************

  1. Started using the interlocking method.

  2. The lock is started from the tip up and finished at the scalp.

  3. Meant to be permanent so not easily taken down.

  4. Low maintenance.

  5. Requires retightening every 4-6 weeks for routine maintenance.

  6. Started with natural non chemically treated hair.

  7. Created with using ONLY your natural hair no extensions.

  8. Created without using products meaning no oils, locking gels, etc.

  9. Prices vary

  10. Very versatile with styling.

  11. Establishments take several hours and/or days broken up into a few hours per session.

************* Differences ***************

  1. Microlocks/ Interlocks have various grids.

  2. Sisterlocks® are a patent/trademark hair care system only established and maintained by a Sisterlocks® consultant.

  3. Microlocks can be started using several different methods/grids by anyone.

  4. Interlocks are larger than Sisterlocks®.

  5. Microlocks can be smaller or larger than Sisterlocks® in size.

  6. Interlocks cost less than Sisterlocks®.

  7. Microlocks depending on the size and/or other variables may cost less or the same as Sisterlocks®.

  8. Interlocks/ Microlocks can cost less than Sisterlocks® to maintain.

  9. Establishment time is usually less for Interlocks. (Microlocks establishment times can be more or less than Sisterlocks®)

  10. Sisterlocks® are established and maintained using the Sisterlock® tool, clients will have the Sisterlock® grid, they are only established using strict standards and guidelines of the Sisterlock® brand.

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